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It was big without sacrificing intimacy, as a lot of gyms do. This was designed thoughtfully.I found the locker room and changed into my shorts. The noises were now clearer. A man was vocalizing his exertion, which wasn’t odd, it was a gym after all. But as I paused to listen for a moment, I found the grunts strangely sexual and arousing, like someone was really being put through his paces.I shook my head and dismissed those thoughts as the result of my not cuming for a while. I left the locker. "I am disappointed, but then I have a naughty idea. I smiled devilishly as I slowly begin to undo the top button of my jeans. I ease one hand inside and down the front, biting my lower lip while carefully studying Daddy. As I undo another button on my jeans and let my finger slip lower and lower, searching, my heart beats a little faster. I suddenly give a brief gasp, the sound getting Jaxon's attention. Looking up, he sees me with my hand thrusting under the denim, moving around just a bit. My. "Mmmm… what are you doing?" I can't hold the love of my life?" he whispered back."No… you can do that…" Jade spun around to face him. "I mean… we just had sex, and you're already starting that party up again?" I'm not really trying to start something." Freddie rubbed her lower back softly as he moved his face close to hers. "We aren't really in bed, so I can't cuddle with you in sheets right now… can't I have this?" Freddie, your fingertips are taunting my ass… I'm pretty sure your body is. Baby … Suck it … Suck it…Ahh”.I then slid my hands into her panties and then inserted my finger into her damp wet pussy and she moaned so loudly ,”ahh ….. Umm ….. Ohh yea baby …. Put it in ….. Awwh …”.She then pulled me to kiss me so hard and she bit my lip so sexily. I then kissed at the middle of her boobs and then moved down to her stomach…..She kept on moaning my name,”bab ….. I cant take no more,please fuck me … Ahh …”I then slowly pulled down her panties and gave a smooth kiss on her.
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